Use the next generation cellular IoT capabilities to improve sustainability indoors and outdoors!

Come take part of a unique hackathon in partnership with Telus and their brand new, cutting edge, loT technology!

Telus is a Canadian national telecommunications company that provides internet access, healthcare, IPTV television. The IoT technology is a piece of hardware that connect to a cloud and another device that can be accessed elsewhere, and is levels above the Arduino’s capacity. You will learn about this cellular technology and how to work with the cloud to find additional methods that IoT can improve workplace efficiency, save operation costs, and provide sustainable solutions!

In just 18 hours, you’ll be able to come up with a demoable idea and project! The top winners will get an accelerated interview process for TELUS’s Graduate Technology Leadership Program and other prizes!

Make sure you sign up for this FREE event here: 

Other important info:
-This is a 24 hour event - but you are free to go home and return the following day or stay overnight 
-Food will be provided
-You don’t need any past experience to take part of this!

6PM staff and volunteers assembly
7PM opening ceremonies
8PM dinner and team formation
9PM hacking begins

8AM breakfast
2PM hacking ends
3PM judging begins (or earlier)
4:30PM judging ends and awards presented
5PM end of closing ceremonies and clean up

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$600 in prizes

Best Overall from TELUS

Accelerated Internship Opportunities and $150 Best Buy giftcards to winning team members!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


In order to submit your project, you must submit the following items through Devpost:

  1. Team Number
  2. Team Member Names

A short description of your design and a demo video must be submitted as part of the submission package. Pictures are always welcome, but we do NOT need to see your code for the submission. 


Kevin O'Sullivan

Kevin O'Sullivan

Alfred Baghouzian

Alfred Baghouzian

Peter Tanner

Peter Tanner

Rey Buquid

Rey Buquid

Judging Criteria

  • Idea Originality
    Idea is original and described with great detail. Idea is useful in that it solves a problem, provides a service, or enables a significant function.
  • Hardware Technical Complexity
    Multiple peripherals are used to provide the necessary functionality required. Interfacing circuits are created with no problems.
  • Technical Integration
    System is well-designed and all components with their respective interfaces are working and well-designed. No bugs are present and there is some handling of non-ideal components.
  • Working Demo
    Demonstration works flawlessly, is repeatable, and impressive. Demonstration is clear and presents the underlying design principles.
  • Presentation
    Presentation is convincing and summarizes learnings, troubles, and deep understanding of technology used. Presentation is well rehearsed, demonstrate contributions by individual members, and reflect how the team was able to work effectively together.